City harrassment

So I am about to close on a park Monday and code enforcement comes in a starts to take pictures of mobiles and tells one of the tenants he heard a new owner was coming in and they are going to make him bring the homes up to code.I was told by the manger that they had stayed on the previous owner about it then they just kinda left him alone. Work has already started on some of the homes and there is even a dumpster for material sitting in the park. Clearly they can see there is work going on, but yet feel compelled to start in on the new owner.Park Manager says city never liked the park, but really did not bother them much unless a fire or a trailer roof being ripped off from wind storm (that was actually put back but condemed and forced to be removed from park)I am wondering if this is going to be worth it to buy this park and just retain a lawyer to back them down. The previous owner lost interest and never followed through.

You may want to get an extension on that closing. You need a Certificate of Zoning from the city, clarifying how many lots are permitted and if you are 1) legal conforming 2) grandfathered or 3) illegal. You also need a complete list of outstanding violations from the inspections department.In addition, you should meet with the city manager and the inspector and go over your concerns in depth. This is not an issue that can wait until closing. If there is something going on, you need to know about it now and make it the SELLER’S problem – not yours.

Frank,This is a foreclosure sold as is. So they will not address any issues.I did make a trip to city hall first day and ask if there were any problems with the park and was told by enforcement manger no.The park has been there since 1983 and ordinance revisions in 1997 and 2013.The only thing I see not up to code is there are not 4’ sidewalks on both sides of park roads. And skirting made of masonite or whatever material designated by Director or designee.They have pretty much left the park alone until now. The park is actually clean no dogs mostly older trailers. I was a “pigsty” before bank had it cleaned up in May. They might be wanting to put their bluff in early.

Do you have a Certificate of Zoning from the city. That’s essential. You need to talk to the inspector, etc. who made the comments and see what’s really going on.

Manager is going to be talking to him in the morning, she knows him personally and will also get a certificate of zoning

I did find a letter from city about a minor violation and it said  the park is non- conforming but did not say legal non-legal. It was on my to do list to get that certificate but I forgot.-thxl 

As a SC Real Estate Broker and owner of two Mobile Home Parks I totally agree with Frank to get a:"Certificate Of Zoning"Do NOT Close until you have a “Certificate Of Zoning” from the City and know what you are dealing with.Postpone the Closing if need be.The “Certificate Of Zoning” is critical to purchasing the Mobile Home Park.We had a gentleman who purchased a Mobile Home Park and then the City immediately closed it down after he purchased it.  The gentleman was left with acreage and no Mobile Home Park. We wish you the very best!

As per Frank’s suggestion (thank you):Get up early this morning drive  2 1/2 hrs to face the city manger and code officer that were out taking pictures at park yesterday. Supposed to wire my money today, close Monday.I talk to the city manager introduce myself and ask what exactly what does “bring the park up to city standards mean” …clueless, both City mgr, and code enforcement manager. They don’t have the list ready yet but can send me one. I ask for a certificate of zoning and they are clueless, city mgr and code enforcement manager ask you mean “certificate of occupancy”? and we go round and round both are doing this on opposite ends of the building. I fill like I entered the Twilight Zone.  I explain yeah like when you allow single family dwellings, commercial, residential, mobile home park??? Clueless. BothI ask both of them is the property grandfathered, non conforming illegal, legal or illegalAnswer from both “non- conforming illegal”. (seperate parts of the building mind you.  Grandfathered I ask over and over? same ans over and over and over both.Could not get either one to say Grandfathered!!! Same game they played last time asking for an original plot of the park… “oh we did not do that back then” Really?Later Realtor finds a beautiful gigantic stamped plot from the city dated 1983 in some filing cabinets in the warehouse in the park.Manager of park ( friends of the code officer) who I have been corresponding with a lot of late suggests this park is for someone who has a lot of money and just wants a tax write off… other innuendos about " glad I am not buying this"  30 POH that have been mostly destroyed by leaks, neglect, park making a lot of money but all going to the trailers to keep them from falling down on the tenants. Looks like park mgrs uncle and buddy and son are repairing at a cost of around 5k week and the work goes on and on , they are in bad shape total gut outs.So the real estate lady calls me as I am leaving to go back home tells me you know there is no way you can get all those city standards done in 90 days and this park is too much for you…whaaa?  No one said 90 days  at city hall???See where I am going here?conspiracy? Stranger from big city infiltrating. Manger way overpaid friends with code officer. Big city guy about to close ( local people want the park but could not come up with cash) Oh He’s about to close what can we do?I think they have someone else in mind to buy it and offered more although I offered full price. I think the overpaid manager knows her days are numbered with me too.Needless to say I passed on it.And on top of that the the realtor offers my huge earnest money back  “city wants repairs in 90 days” it is written. Weird but grateful. Like they want me to disappear.Some reason I am having flashbacks of Rod Serling…