Children in park

What are some of the ways you have solved problems with unruly children in parks? Problems range from disrespecting neighbors property, littering constantly on streets, not being supervised, and basically making it difficult for other residents to enjoy the peace and quiet of their homes. If there are rules in place for children in the park what is the best way to enforce these rules. Most tenants who complain about unruly children in the park usually file generic complaints and don’ t know which child to report. The hardest violation to catch is kids littering the streets on a daily basis. (We have a manager but he is off site in evenings and weekends)

Perhaps some security cameras?

I agree with getting cameras up. Several of our tenants send in videos of the trouble makers. Once we have enough evidence and complaints we send them a 10 day notice and if they don’t comply with the rules we’ll take them to court.

Do you have neighbors’ chats? Maybe you should write some messages to parents there?

My community was converted to adult only over a 15 year time period to get rid of the problems related to children. Best decission ever.