Charging Extended-Stay Guest Fees

Florida Statute 723.051 requires MH park owners to allow residents’ guests to stay for up to 15 consecutive days, or 30 total days per year at no charge. Our’s is a quiet 55+ park. We want to keep it quiet, but this past year some guests have been staying unreasonably long, and it gets old with some other tenants. I’m minded to create a guest policy with a per day charge ($10 or $15 per day?) after the first 15 consecutive days to discourage lengthy visits (which are a new thing to us) which can detract from the peaceful atmosphere. Does anyone have any experience with charging guest fees? Thanks!

Your options depend entirely on your community rules. Your goal should be to stop not simply discourage the extended stays.

Thanks Greg. Our rule reads, “This is a residence Park. Only owners may reside in the units. Units cannot be rented or sub-leased without written management approval (for hardship reasons only). There is no charge for guests staying up to 15 consecutive days. Tenant must be in residence during guest’s visit. You, the tenant are responsible for you guests obeying Park Rules.” The policy we are considering implementing would expand on that rule saying, “Guests are permitted free of charge for up to 15 consecutive days (or 30 days total per year). (See 723.051, FS). Immediate family guest(s), if approved by management, may stay beyond this period at the rate of $105.00 per week ($15.00 per day) per guest, to be paid to the Park weekly in advance, beginning on the 16th day of guest(s)’ stay. (When the guest(s) leave the Park, a pro-rated refund will be available for days paid but not used). Failure to abide by these terms may constitute trespassing.”

I take it that to stop the extended stays of non-family guests we’d have to issue a no trespassing order. Only been in this 5 years and never done that yet, but there’s a first time for everything. Further thoughts and comments most welcome. Thanks for this forum.