Charge tenant for costs to clean lift station

I have a home in a park that sits separate from the main part of the park and has its own lift station.  Recently I had to call a company to clean out the lift station because the pump had plugged with grease.  Is it within my right to charge the tenant for cleanup fees on this?  There is nothing specfic about this on current lease.  I was thinking about charging them only $250 this time (about half of actual costs) and warn them next time full costs plus any addtional time spent by manager on site will be charged directly to them.  Also this home is a rent to own I inherited from park purchase.  I do not think the previous owners took into consideration the lift station costs on this.  Is it within my right to increase the lot rent on this unit only (say from $300 to $350) or can I pass 100% of costs of lift station to tenants when rent to own is done?

Is there anything in the rental contact about property damage or repair costs associated with damage?  

i see parks where lot rentals are not all the same, close but not all the same. However I would discuss with the state MHP association. I would think they could provide direction