Certificate of Zoning

I’m doing due diligence on my first park, and from what I remember from F&D’s bootcamp, I need a certificate of zoning.1. What would the certificate of zoning tell me? Would it tell me that the property is zoned for mobile homes, AND, would it also tell me how many lots are allowed in the park?2. Where do I get a certificate of zoning?Thanks!

You get them from city hall or, if in the county, the county government. Typically from the Zoning Dept.The certificate should say: 1) if the park is legal, legal non-conforming (grandfathered) or illegal 2) what the current zoning is and 3) the number of lots it is licensed to have. Some administrators will also add informational tidbits like the date of construction, etc.

great, thanks Frank!

GJS, for some locations there is NO county zoning and the main entity of concern is EPA and that is for ALL the USA. 

@carl, thanks Carl. What does this mean? Do I need a certificate from EPA?

Just make sure the property has NO out standing issues with them and listen carefully to any concern they might have now    Once you own the property  keep a very low profile–their plate is mostly full and they by law have 24 hours to check out complains.    To answer you question we never received a certificate or fine from EPA but there are always more requirement and regulations–its the government–we are here to protect you!!!