Cash Payments...Bank Cash Deposits...IRS Can Seize Bank Accounts On Suspicion...NO Crime Required

IF you accept Cash from your Mobile Home Tenants AND Deposit it in the Bank AND the Deposits are below $10,000, please be aware that the IRS can seize your money.I understand that lot of Mobile Home Park Owners have a ‘No Cash’ Policy.However, for those who do accept Cash please read below.Yesterday there was a TV News Report on how the IRS can seize Bank Accounts on suspicion:, below is a link to a New York Times Article called ‘Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts On Suspicion, No Crime Required’: Hinders had $33,000 seized from her modest cash-only Mexican specialties restaurant.Jeff Hirsch, who owns a candy and cigarette distributor, had $447,000 seized by the government. This is just a ‘Heads Up’ to those who deal in cash.We wish you the very best!