Car patios/covers

I own a few older low income 1 star parks, not the pretties parks but they cash flow.  Previous owners always had a rule of no car patios (roofs over the 2 car driveway) allowed, they believed  they made the park look ugly. I am in the south where it gets hots and maybe it is a good idea  to allow them to do it. These are all single wide 40 year old parks, asphault roads, very old trailers,etc.  Any thoughts on this subject?   I am thinking if I let the tenants install the cover at  their own cost, they will be happier and less likely to move. Aesthetics really isnt the greatest selling point on these properties.  We are in the county area where the are no regulations on these  roofs. thanks 

Metal carports are considered an amenity in most parks, so I’m surprised the former owner was not in favor of these. We certainly are. Not only do they make the park look nicer, they also demonstrate more “pride of ownership” on the part of the tenant, and even make it harder and more costly to move a home out. I can’t come up with one negative to them, as long as they are metal and professionally built.

We have some open car ports in our community and found that many of those owners tend to use the car port for storage of junk. We issued notices to clean them up and made sure the community rules clearly state that nothing is permitted in the car port except cars. Unfortunatly we are unable to evict otherwise we would get rid of those troublesome tenants.
Car ports are not to be used as storage space. It is an aesthetics issue and has been an ongoing battle with those individuals having lower social standards.
We have now changed the community rules and do not permit any new car ports to be added to any homes. It’s unfortunate but as usual a few bad apples spoil it for everyone.