Capital partner needed - Turn key park

Hello all. I’m an experienced MHP owner/operator who seeking a capital partner for a park I have under contract. I’m looking for a few investors for the deal. I’m putting up my own capital but need an additional $350K.

Seller is holding the note for 10 years on a 20 year am. I prefer a 30 year, and I aim to take him out within 18 months.

I’m willing to pay a 13% preferred return and return your initial investment when a refi happens within 18-24 months. I have a local lender who will lend on the deal once we have 1040’s that show the real income.

I have 5 parks in my portfolio and I currently own a park down the street from this one. I know this market well, and I have management ready. The park is a turn key and no cap ex is needed. Please fee free to contact me for financials.

I have built several 200+ pad market specific portfolios for other investors. All deals were off market and many had seller financing.

Dominic Bologna

Dominic, I will reach out to your privately. We recently provided a bridge loan to another owner-operator to buy his first park for about $800,000. He had to close in two weeks or lose the contract, and we rose to the occasion, provided the funds, and the park is now his. We absolutely would consider loaning the money to you on this.