Can't make this stuff up!

Last year right around the time of the MOM, I evicted a nut case and his gf. Got the house in exchange for not pursuing a judgement. Finally finished the fix up work and put it on the market. Had to drop the price a couple of times and then one of my other residents referred a gentleman to me. I met him at the property, he liked it and said he had to show it to his gf. You will never guess who the gf is: The ex-wife of the guy I booted!!! She told me she was the one who put up the money in the first place but somehow her name never made it onto the title. Imagine that! She likes what I did to the place and is paying me more than what she originally paid.

What’s really good is the neighbors all remember her and said they would love to have her back in the park.

This is one very strange business.


Wheat Hill MHC