Can You Help W. Sewage System Expansion?

Friends -

I am trying to expand my community by 22 pad sites. We will probably have to expand our existing sewage lagoons, or perhaps construct a new one. However I know there are other options which I’d like to learn about ‘just in case’ - such as septic and/or a packaging plant.

Please contact me if you have a community with septic, or a packaging plant, or any sewage solution other than City Sewer (nice for you folks that have it!). I’d like to get a quick overview of your operating and construction expenses and figure out what might be the best course of action for our community.

Many thanks,


Jefferson, I have a lagoon system and as I developed this property I am somewhat familiar with what you are facing. First off, get ready for a bunch of government red tape as the feds EPA have mandated standards and require that states enforce their standards.

This process is largely a legal one as public notices must be filed in accordance to State law.

You really need to employ a LOCAL civil engineering firm to submit your proposals to whatever state agency regulates such matters- try to select the oldest most established firm that is of the same political party as your governor - but be patient, this (waiting on the bureaucrats-not the actual job)will take time.