Can someone recommend a good MHP Attorney?

I’m looking for a good MHP attorney to help with the contract, closing, etc. Does anyone have one they can recommend? The parks I’m looking to close are in Michigan and Illinois.

There is one in the resources area

But the best one I found in my area was by calling the state manufactured housing assn.

The lis of MHA in your states is also in the same area

At the very bottom of this page there is a black bar. At the bottom of that is the resources link.

It is hard as hell to find. I admit.

You read my mind, thanks for the clarification on finding that!

Actually the list of state assn isn’t there???

Go to home page and the list is on the left side

Seriously the assn here in Florida referred me to a very knowledgable blood sucker. And general questions are free but I do plan on joining. It’s only like $300 a year. Money well spent