Buying MHP...Seller Is An Estate...Official Documents

For those of you who are buying /or/ thinking about buying a MHP from an Estate where someone has passed away make sure that you receive the following BEFORE you close on the MHP:
1.) Death Certificate: Official Death Certificate Of Previous Owner Issued From The State
2.) Certificate Of Appointment / Personal Representative Form: Official Certificate Of Appointment / Personal Representative Form Issued From The Local Government

Since there are some Mom & Pop MHPs that are now in Estates and are for sale, we wanted to provide our experience.

Last year my Husband and I purchased a MHP from an Estate where the Previous Owners (Mom & Pop) had passed away.

AFTER closing on the MHP we found that some of the MHP business required that we have both the:

  • Death Certificates - Official Documents
  • Certificate Of Appointments - Official Documents

Both of the above Official Documents practically took an act of congress for us to obtain. We could freely obtain the needed information from websites, but in order to perform our business we need the Official Documents.

Thus, if I had to do the MHP Closing all over again, I would ask for these Official Documents BEFORE closing.

We wish you the very best.

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Good info!

If others families are as dysfunctional as mine I might even require all heirs to sign off on the deal before paying.

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Friend of mine is buying MHP from an estate. I just share the information. Thank you Kristin

jd585 & aboychuk, thank you for your comments.

Yesterday, I was just going through paperwork and came across the Official Death Certificate and Official Certificate Of Appointment.

After seeing the Documentation I remembered the process of trying to obtain these Documents.

In South Carolina in our County I could not obtain the Official Certificate Of Appointments.

The Attorneys for the Estate had to give their ‘Official Permission’ and then I had to go and pay for the copies (paying for the copies was not a big deal
it was getting the Attorneys to give me permission
the Attorneys had other pressing matters to deal with
ones that actually gave them money for their bottom line :-).

Interestingly, the Dad’s Personal Representatives were NOT the same as the Mom’s Personal Representatives.

In addition in South Carolina you cannot get an Official Death Certificate for someone else.

We wish you the very best!

Does this mean that you can only get one for yourself? :smile:

Brandon, that is a good question. Who can obtain a ‘Official Death Certificate’ in South Carolina.

As per the South Carolina DHEC Website:
“You are entitled to obtain a certified copy of a death certificate if you:
1.) are an immediate member of the decedent’s family
2.) are a legal representative of one of these
3.) demonstrate a direct and tangible interest – i.e., this information is needed to determine a personal or a property right.”

Good luck with #3 if you need it.

You could have a valid reason for #3, but getting a Government Official to agree with you might be a challenge :smile: .

We wish you the very best!