Buying homes

Ok whats to deal with trying to buy homes off craigslist?I have ran into all kinds of problem.First issue is my definition of excellent shape and others are lets say a little different.Holes in walls and ceiling hanging down from passed roof leaks and filth is not my definition of excellent condition.Although I have learned to ask all the questions to make sure what kind of shape the trailers are in before looking.Second complaint is the seller that list but decides not to sell after two days of working on a deal.I believe I run into this problem because I look for a great deal and when I find them along with everyone else the buyer relives it and decides not to sell but later re lists for a higher price.But the one problem I cant seem to figure out is the seller that seems to be willing to sell to you but before you can go make to deal they sell to someone else.I think I know the answer to the last complaint which is act fast but I work full time and sometime I cant make in untill the next day.Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated.      

We always get at least a few photos of the home inside and out.  If the home looks reasonable, and their price is reasonable, we get it under contract.  The contract is, of course, subject to our inspection in a reasonable period of time - usually 1 week, but sometimes as little as 24 hours.  We never travel anywhere to inspect a home until we have a sense of the condition of the home, and actually have agreed on price and put the deal in writing.I’m sure we loose a few deals this way to others that rushed out to the home ahead of us, but we save ourselves countless hours rushing around ourselves only to be disappointed just as you have been by flaky sellers.Really, the rules for buying mobile homes are the same as the rules for buying mobile home parks.  Don’t waste any time/money going on-site until you first have the deal under contract at a price that works for you.Best,-jl-

I haven’t bought a trailer using a contract and definitely not long distance. Whats the process of using a contract when its a long distance sale?

The Seller(s) may be running a “test ad”.

A “test ad” is a complete lie in which the Seller advertises something which they do not have and have no intention of selling at that time. The “test ad” is fraudulent and illegal. The purpose of the ad is to obtain market condition data.

Some forum members use the “test ad” as their primary method to obtain market condition data. They recommend using the “test ad” as part of their due diligence rather than obtaining the market condition data thru legal methods.

The blatantly fraudulent ads (i.e. excellent condition claim vs poor actual condition) are in the same category as the “test ad”.

It’s amazing how a person’s opinion of a “test ad” or fraudulent ad may change depending on whether they are the Seller (scammer) or the Buyer (victim).

Kelley, we have purchased a couple of Mobile Homes from Craigslist.Before owning a Mobile Home Park we had never used Craigslist.However, after owning a Mobile Home Park we are amazed at how valuable Craigslist is for both the Seller and Buyer.Below are some of the issues that you indicated that you have run into:1.)  Condition - Seller’s Definition Is Different Than Your Definition:  It is all relative.  We all come from different environments, so unfortunately your definition of excellent (which I would agree with) is sometimes much different than others.  I can feel your pain.2.)  Seller - Relists @ Higher Price:  I just recently ran into this.  It was a $15,000 Mobile Home (which I responded to the ad).  I never received a response.  However, a couple of days later I saw the same Mobile Home listed for $20,000.  I understand that this is frustrating for the Buyer (as I was frustrated also).  However, if there is no contract, the Seller is free to do this.  It can just indicate that there is a lot of demand for that Mobile Home price point in your area (which is a good thing if you are a Mobile Home Park Owner).3.)  Seller - Sells To Someone Else:  ‘The bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’.  Once the Seller decides to sell their Mobile Home they probably just want it gone (especially if they are paying Lot Rent) and want some cash in their hand.  Keep going after the deals…You will snag one sooner or later :-).We wish you the very best!

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