Buyers Representation Agreements

Hello All,

I have been contacting brokers and of course some of them would like me to sign a buyers representation agreement. I know this is something Frank strongly cautions against. Are there any problems with signing such agreements on a property by property basis that a broker brings to you? What is the best way to go about this situation?

As always, your help is greatly appreciated!

  • Jason

I mistakenly signed one last year when I was looking for basic rentals. If you can do it for a single property that’s probably fine but read the fine print and keep a shorter term. I signed a year agreement being naive and felt like my hands were tied when looking on my own.

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Do read the agreement and only on specific properties not blanket time frames and make sure the seller is paying the agent or agents not you. Now that may be an issue as mom and pop who may not want to pay for an agent may move onto the next buyer.