Buyer fee to sales agent

I have found an interesting pocket listing but the broker is saying I need to pay a 4% buyer fee on top of the price of the property. How should I approach this? I know some have said they never pay a fee. Assuming they don’t budge on the fee then I just include it in the price of the park and negotiate from there?

Thank you so much for your time.

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That sounds suspicious, but not a deal-killer. Probably that broker does not really have the listing on the property. They don’t have an agreement with the seller. They are probably only going to get paid from you. Have you asked them point-blank if they have an agreement with the seller?

Ultimately if the deal still pencils-out with the extra 4%, then it does not matter. Think of it as a referral fee. We pay referral fees, and 4% is reasonable for a really great deal. Just be sure to do your due diligence…! Attend Bootcamp. This broker sounds a bit fishy; he/she will probably tell you anything you want to hear about the property to get themselves paid. So you’ll need to be meticulous in your diligence.

But if the diligence checks out, then go for it and pay the 104% for the deal.

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I would begin negotiations with a offer 4% below what I felt was a good opening offer. I would make it clear to the seller that it is 4% low due to the agent commission. If the seller is not aware the agent is getting paid from both ends he will get it straightened out quickly and if he does know then you are reminding him real estate fees are paid by the seller.
Chances are the agent does not have the listing.

Thanks guys. I will go in below what I think it is worth. He works for the seller so I think its legit but I do think in his mind he is doing me a favor with the early look before it hits the market so I must pay for the opportunity to see it early. If all the info is true he sent me, its a great park but priced to perfection. Also, it is just slightly above what I wanted to pay for my first deal. If I do this deal I will have little money left for emergencies.