Buy One Get One Free

With all the post regarding give away homes and other very interesting ways we park owners fill our parks I thought you might enjoy this idea from an add in the Wall Street Journal edition 10/08/08. It reads- Oregon ,California, Washington and Idaho buy one home and get one free. These are new site built homes. Simply amazing. I wunder what type of desperation marketing will be next in the attempt to get rid of the excess housing inventory we have nationwide.

cars right here in FL ; new sedans for 14K usually now 2 for 15.8K OUT THE DOOR.

And 2 months after buying my tundra for 29K all cash they are offering 0 interest 5 years.

WOW perfect timing as always LOL


We just completed 2 short sales and sold them as…

Buy one and get one free! It worked great and we are closing tomorrow on both.

It works…

Sandi Shear