Building a new park

building a new park in Mesa Arizona with already owned land and city sewer and water available. Any suggestions about what to do and not to do in the development?

Since I am a broker and not an active owner/manager I can only tell you what I see successful owners/mangers do. Most of them start with rolling RV’s spaces and add more permanent park models or mobile homes over time. In the AZ area most RV parks are park model parks so there is a shortage of rolling/transient RV spaces available. You can maybe start making some income early on by catering to this as you start to fill the park up with more permanent homes (Just make sure you make the spaces beg enough for mobile homes or park models later on. You can expect a development cost of roughly $20,000 per space (For RV parks).


Setup with a dealer or your own dealership with reasonably priced homes with good financing available.
A few models and landscape well along with park entry/common areas. It takes time to gradually fill the park

Do you plan on sub-metering the water? or will the city be installing individual meters for each lot? If you are going to sub-meter, I recommend They have the best priced meters that I could find, and many solutions for meter reading including outdoor digital displays, scan-readers, and even wireless remote reading systems that send the data to the cloud for viewing online or using a mobile app. I have worked with them for an apartment building and a park, and they really helped me out. They made it easy to deal with the sub-metering for both.

Not sure yet. We are waiting for approval from Mesa. Thank you for the information. Our plan is to do it right but not to include a lot of amenities.

You get this built? Lessons learned?

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