Bringing commercial/satellite cable into community

I’m looking for companies that set up infrastructure and bring in cable to communities via satellite. Residents are currently getting hammered for cable because they only have one option in the town.

Does anyone know of companies that can provide this service? I assume they would bring in a satellite and dig trenches and then charge the community for a commercial account.

Thanks in advance for any help!

A possible alternative is a fixed wireless provider plus a tower construction services company that can do these. There are too many variables to guide if the provider would come out of pocket for your tower or the extent to which you would have to invest in this. You can find a lot of these carriers since they’re registered with the FCC and can perform a station geospatial search based on lat and long coordinates. I have not had good experience with commercial satellite service speeds and latency.

It was fun to see this article how Orcas Island in the northwest brought in their own Internet service using this approach. How a group of neighbors created their own Internet service | Ars Technica

Keep us posted how you proceed. My residents continue to have a similar issue in a small town and I couldn’t make the business case (I would have to invest too much for the payback) to resolve it for them.