Breaking in by finding deals

I’m interested in getting started and have nearly a decade of experience in cold marketing (door to door and cold calling). I currently work as an engineer in the oil and gas market but want to start looking at deals for others to buy to get acclimated to the industry. I don’t plan on transitioning full time but have countless questions about brokering or wholesaling parks. I have zero experience in real estate but grew up in a mobile home park here in Houston and love the idea of this niche. Any ideas on how or where to look to get started? I could start having conversations with park owners now but don’t know where to go once I find a deal that seems to match everyone’s metrics.

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@Gareed Im in League City, my phone number is 847 847 eight eight zero eight or email me at jack at I have family in town through next week but can together with you after that anytime and talk parks.

I have a small park in the metro and just got another one under contract. Im actively looking for anything this area but can talk about sourcing deals anywhere or what you need to do.

If you’re serious and want to spend money, go to the Frank and Dave bootcamp , wont spend better money educating your self…

Also, Houston has the RICH club which has a mobile home group that meets monthly its 30 bucks if you are a non member. While they talk more about mobile homes, you can meet park people there on occasion , i have been trying to go regularly since moving back Def would check it out if you can make it.

Also, TEXCO is worth going to on 2/7/18. Good if you own or looking to own parks in TX but good network opportunities. Not sure if I can post the ad but here is the info, I would recommend that since you are so close. ( If i need to take down the ad or don’t have permission to post please let me know )

Look forward to hearing from you ! - Jack

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Also, there are 3 podcasts that you can listen through to pickup some good MHP knowledge ( i also recommend anyone to read through all the old posts on this forum site if you can. You will learn a ton!

Thanks for the advice. It was those exact podcasts that really sold me on the niche and I’ve been strongly contemplating the boot camp.

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