Bootcamp benefits Qs - Beyond the home study kit

So I’ve heard people mention a few interesting benefits outside of buying/running parks. Jefferson mentioned lists of park owners per state in another post. I would love to have that list. Any other awesome benefits of hitting the bootcamps that you all want to share? I’ve already got the home study kit for both the MH and RV park courses.

You get the only list of the 44,000 mobile home parks in the U.S., divided by state. The next nearest list available is only around 15,000 long. We used to sell this list for the same price as the boot camp. You also get the Deal Evaluator software, which is the program we use to analyze parks for sale (it runs the performance numbers and then graphs them for you). You also get access to the “Reference Library” which includes every form and contract we use, from Master Lease with Option to Purchase to our favorite bank lending packages (it has hundreds of documents and forms in it, which cost us hundreds of thousands in legal fees to create. You also get a Boot Camp -only additional 400 page manual, elaborating on some things we think are extremely important from how to fire managers to how to battle city hall. And then, on top of all that, you get trial inclusion in a bunch of items, from the Early Notification system at to the Investor’s Club park rating service, as well as more Quick Deal Reviews and Frank’s cell number in case of deal-making emergencies.Is that enough stuff?

Thanks Frank. Yep, that is enough!

I went to the boot camp a few years back and thought it was well worth the $.The best part for me was the face to face interaction with the instructors and other investors, that something you don’t get in a book or video.Plus you get you get to meet Frank!