Bootcamp Before Doing the Home Study?

Hi All Who’ve Attended Bootcamp,

Been so busy at work, haven’t had a chance to listen to and read all Home Study Materials.

I don’t want to be behind the eight ball when attending Bootcamp.

Is it wise to do Home Study first?

I do want to be prepared for Bootcamp and am feeling unprepared.


Many people do not have the time to read and listen to the Home Study Course before the Boot Camp. Everything builds on each other, and you will have no problem understanding the concepts in Boot Camp without having completed the Home Study Course. You will be presented with a ton of information at the Boot Camp, and you can then use the Home Study Course as a guide to help you re-organize your thoughts on what you just experienced when you get home.

I’m not sure how long of a commute you have to work Adele, but I just listened to the CD’s to and from work every day.

I drive a lot as well… try and utilize my drive time for more than just radio/ music when I can. What did you think of the course? Are you involved in owning/ operating a park yet?

The course was great! I’ve read it twice, and listened to most of the CD’s twice as well. I bought a portfolio of homes from another BC attendee. I’ve learned first hand that homes can be a lot of work, but I’m certianly not against park owned homes. I started all of this by getting a $3,000 loan from a bank and buying my first MH to “lonnie deal”, and now have everything in place to get into a park deal.