Boot Camp verse Home Study?

I’m trying to decide between the boot camp or home study course. It appears the upcoming boot camp is virtual so the experience won’t be the same as a live version. The home study I can do at my own pace , but will take some time for the initial readings/listening, plus it appears a little dated at this point. I started with the due diligence course and it certainly has a lot of information. Maybe I can get credit towards the boot camp with my due diligence purpose. Just trying to flush this out as the best option as I’m looking to get into the MH parks and use it as a 1031 option down the road.

My opinion is that a live conference with an interactive speaker who addresses your questions during the lecture (or informally on breaks) is much better than a book or video course. Another huge advantage is that at live conferences, you can network with others, many of whom are more experienced than you, and that is invaluable. You could meet partners, investors, deal sources, etc.

Not sure how virtual compares with in-person, but I would think it must be better than the book/video course.