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I have gotten both the due diligence book which truly helped me wonders on my first MHP purchase earlier this year.Since then I bought the Mobile home park home study coarse. Expecting to receive different samples of the proper way to increase rents, samples of lot leases and rules and regulations, basically different form templates. Even in the book it states several places where copies of forms can be found attached on the CD and Download file.I have went through the CD’s and tried to listen to several different ones. I have noticed that some CD’s will be mid topic and then cut out and be blank for the next 5 ~  10min before starting on a new subject or topic not completing the original.Also, the main purpose of the purchase was to get a good sample of all the forms so I can then mold into my business model. Unfortunately I have yet found that CD that has been hinted throughout the book. I spent the last few weeks drafting up on several different legal document website different makeshift forms. Am I missing something or overlooking something? I am quite disgruntled about the whole home study coarse, I have the 2014 edition. 

Call Brandon ASAP at (970) 856-4070. It sounds like your CD set is defective, We will happily replace that. Any forms that you need, that you cannot find, we always supply for free. Again, just tell Brandon what you need. Sorry you had that problem. Call Brandon in the morning. He gets there at 9 AM MST.

Thomas,I just sent you an email. We are happy to replace anything that is missing or not working. My direct line is 970-856-4070 and email address is Please let me know what I can do to help resolve your issues.