Bookkeeping Services for MHP Owners

My wife has a very successful bookkeeping/accounting/payroll company that she has built from the ground up. She has handled all our books for both our parks. Profit/Loss; Balance Sheets; Billings; Accounts Payable; Late payments, automatic payents; etc. Very good stuff…right down to financials by space number.

Anyway… I have been thinking of advertising her services for other MHP owners. I know that many are corporate owned but for private owners she can be a God send. I can’t imagine having to handle all that stuff. I like just working in the parks…she handles the numbers. I run the park.

One thing that has been beneficial is that it has taken the money side out of my conversations with residents. If they have a problem they need to ‘talk to the office’. I’m a softie… her staff are much less forgiving of late payments and excuses.

Anyway… my purpose here is NOT to solicit business for her but to ask all of you if you believe there is need out there for her services? Curious what your thoughts are… before I invest a bunch of time and energy I thought I would at least ask for your opinions.


2 questions.

  1. What kind of software does she use?
  2. How does she setup automatic payments?
    Thanks for sharing

It’s OK to solicit business and go get attention. And yes, there is absolutely a need for that service. Most of the parks we look at have books that are in shambles. If the park owner had any type of bookkeeper or even the slightest ability to do financial analysis, he or she wouldn’t be selling to us at a discount.

Her company uses QuickBooks for the mobile home parks using the merchant services from QuickBooks to pay our bills automatically. Most of our tenants have now switched to on line payments where they can pay via merchant services or we can pull money from bank account automatically. Late fees are automatically assessed; bank transfers cost almost nothing to process and if tenant wants to pay with credit card they are assessed the 4% charge.

My wife has one employee at the office who handles the parks so she was the one who worked with the tenants to get them to move towards online bill pay. Few holdouts… but Ranae has done a great job getting them on board.

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@Propboy40 Would your wife’s company be able to do these services remotely? If so id be interested for my park in Missouri.

Yes… most all their business is remote access. Very few face to face clients anymore in this world. Her website is and her name is Georgene. Ranae is her assistant and can also help with any questions. Ranae handles our parks currently.

Good luck

You might consider switching to Rent Manager - much easier to track customer accounts and provide notes, etc. While I prefer QB for AR and AP and reports, tracking customer accounts is easier with RM.