Bookkeeping? Do you give them access to your account?

We have RentManager but I hate bookkeeping. I called a couple of them and they need access to my back account. Is this typical? How do you guys approach it? What specific tasks do they perform?

Has anyone tried a virtual bookkeeper?


A virtual bookkeeper is very common for many small businesses. Either somebody comes to your office or they access your records online. They will need access to your checking account and/or bank statements. Most banks allow for you to designate authority to employees, CPAs, and bookkeepers to login to your account to review transactions without being able to initiate withdrawals, transfers, or wires.

Our bookkeeper reconciles bank and credit card account, does our accounts payable, logs payments to tenant ledgers, initiates payroll, discusses account-related questions with tenants and vendors, and many other things. She is a combo virtual assistant and bookkeeper.


I’m looking for somebody to do just this. Do you have them also access Rent Manager? How much is a person like this paid for how many hours of work a month, and where did you find them? @mPark

Yes. That’s typical. You should have a working cash account they access and use. You’ll leave excess cash in a separate account.

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