Blocking Mobile Home Moves

I would be interested in hearing what some of y’all do when a mobile home tries to move out that owes you money?Does anyone block the move by parking a car in front of the home?I just moved a home out of a park in Ohio and the park required me to give them a $100 deposit before they would allow my movers to come in and get the home. They said the deposit was in case the movers damaged their lot. I recently had a home move out quickly that owed me back rent, and it really gets under my skin. I would like to have a plan of action next time. BTW my parks are in Indiana. Thanks guys

Yes, park a car infront of the home.  Also, there are hitch locks to put on the tongue (if it has a tongue on it).  Use the ‘search’ function of this forum for this topic of ‘hitch locks’ and stopping homes from moving out that owe money.  It has been discussed at length here:… and elsewhere.Good luck stopping people from stealing from you,-jl-

If someone is late- you go to court, evict, get a judgment and a RIT. In some states you will need to move the home to a offsite lot. 

Which states do you have to move the mobile home?

well- Texas is one, though depending on how you go about the eviction, and if they just abandon the home, there are other options to get the home. 

How would a park owner by observation not be aware of someone moving? Skirting needs to be removed, porches taken down and hitch attached, etc before a move can occur. Good PR avoids many problems and the gossip of neighbors finally will get to management as to a tenant moving a home. In OK. a tenant by law has to give management a 30 day written notice of such and since I know most movers they tell me what they plan on doing plus need to provide an enforce insurance policy before the mover comes on our property for the move. Our guidelines specific a $500 refundable fee before tear down starts and have no problem receiving the deposit.

Carl, In the southern part of texas- we have had homes pulled out of our park within 60 minutes of the crew hitting the park. They come in with a pickup truck and 6 guys, on a Sunday at 9 am… by 10 am the home is gone. So in fact- it can happen. 

Jim, I had a park at Mission, Tx. with over 235 sites never happened. I am an owner operator and really your knowledge of residents is ???. As an owner operator I gladly talk and visit with the people that pay my bills and little details can give clues to what is to happening with residents. Maybe its the quality of parks we buy is much different since my residents were totally snowbirds and did not come from the Valley. I continue today to own and operate upscale parks only–I once had a family park but never had any rental units and was tired of late payments and excuses. Today being on a huge lake with a marina most people pay by the year and tell there friends–yes I am very picky what I buy and operate. I will never consider owning a park I would not live in or fell safe!!