Birch Realty

Does anyone have any experience trying to buy a MHP through Birch Realty?

I have tried contacting them via the message setup on and nobody has ever gotten back to me. I also have never followed up as I am going through the home study course first before I jump gun. But even so, I found it highly unprofessional that they list the property with the site and do not have the decency to return an email. You may have better luck if you get a phone number and call. Wish I could give you better info

Best of luck

I try calling them all the time instead of email, at least a secretary answers. I have put in offers with them, and they don’t even get back with a response.

Makes you want to call the park owners directly

I have only ever heard universally negative things about Birch for the last 7 years I’ve been in the business.

My 2 cents worth, and I hope they become more professional,



I called them about 2 weeks ago. Receptionist took my name and #. No one ever called me back.


I have called Birch many times. The secretary takes my number. They have NEVER called me back!

I have even tried sending them full priced offers…NO response!

Good luck…


I worked with them a few years ago and they were, let’s say, ‘low tech’… My broker didn’t even have an email address. I was recently in touch with them because I’m in the market to buy again and learned that they are slammed with tons of inquiries on parks from the many new and seasoned investors in the mhp space. Often times they can’t keep up with sending out park info packets. Not a bad problem to have I suppose however, per everyone’s comments, it affects their credibility. My advice would be to stay persistent with them and follow up on your follow ups…

Years ago, I had a hard time getting in touch with them also. In addition I have heard that they cherry pick the good parks that come to them, and buy them themselves. Not sure if that is true, but I remember hearing that.

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I have good luck getting responses from them by email.

Thanks. Have sent 4. Maybe 5 is the charm!

I’ve had good luck with Jason Deutsch @ Birch Realty- 727-914-8730 (

Good luck!


As a real estate sales firm, this one ranks absolute last in my book. Dozens of emails and phone calls go un-returned. If a Park is listed by Birch Realty I don’t even bother to call.

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Must say I have to agree with all the negative comments.

TY. Will try knocking ion his door.


Stan has called me back and emailed me. I do think he is simply inundated with requests and could probably benefit from hiring more people. Good problem to have I suppose.

I think if you give them a few days they will return your inquiry.

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Birch realty,

A park they had listed for sale I placed and offer that was accepted them I put the park under contract and spent 30 days of time and money going through the due diligence process after it was time to put the money down they stopped answering my phone calls stop answering my emails and then I find out that they negotiated with another buyer while I had a park under contract and help the sellers sell for more money even though I had the park under contract Stay far from these guys, they are very crooked and the owner Stan is fraud. Your warned not to sell parks with these guys or buy. Jason Deutch is his broker and he is also extremely crooked and will do anything to make more money even if it means screwing you out of yours! Do not work with these guys.

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Did you report this to the state licensing authority he is registered so that they could investigate? Statements like this are considered pretty serious in their eyes.

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@scamfinder I think you’ve probably gotten all the responses you’ll get from this board now. It’s starting to get spammy and certainly isn’t adding value to anyone at this point.

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