Billing Back Utilites

Koo - Check out the “Great Links” tab on this website. I have been speaking to Claudia at Edison regarding this same issue.

One thing to consider is… do you want to charge them 100% of the usage immediately. I would assume this would be a shock to the system for the tenant. I am considering the first year charging them 25% and then increasing it 25% each year after until it is 100%… just a thought.

I’d like to get others thoughts on this as well.

Claudia at Edison Micro is absolutely outstanding! Edison Micro is located in Arizona but can service any park in the United States. We enacted the sub metering program within 2 months of buying a new mobile home park and had absolutely no pushback.

Edison Micro can charge your tenants a “base fee” of $4.50 - $7.50 which would be another profit center for you.


Corey - What do you think was the key to not getting any pushback from your tenants? Is it standard in the market where your park is located to pass water onto your tenant?


Sorry for the delay. I have been traveling quite a bit. We have not received any significant pushback from tenants. Once in a while we hear some “noise” but we remind them that they are rulers of their own world. If they want to have a very small bill they must take short showers! They are empowered to determine their utility bill each month.

Some parks in the Dallas market sub meter water and others do not… it is about 50/50.