Bill of Sale v. Title

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I know this is intended for MH parks, but I believe my question is still relevant to newbie’s. I am new to the MH industry, but I continue to hear/ see MH’s for sale, but the seller only has Bill of Sale and no title. What I have done is, tell them to call me after they have the title in hand and we may be able to do business. If there is a way I can secure the Title from a Bill of Sale and use that as leverage to purchase lower I will. Just want opinions on this topic if possible.

The answer to this question depends entirely on your state. In Texas, for example, “title” is kept in a database that anyone can search if you know the HUD label number or serial number of the home. How you “get title” is state-dependent.

If buying a park, is just a bill of sale OK for the park owned homes or would you want a title?

Always title policy on the land (I assume)?

TITLE! (20 characters).

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