Best Way to Tackle mhp Management

What do you guys think about taking over a small park that has been poorly managed by off-site management? I like the “greeter” system, and would like to manage this way - how do you find the right greeter? Should you tell your tenants you are the new property manager and not the owner so they won’t take advantage? I know this park has had 2 management cos in the last few years, and were not collecting deposits from tenants. How do you recover from that?

How do you approach it in regards as the best way to self-manage?

Frank says he’s had an on-site office in which he conducted day-to-day biz? Do you really need that or have tenants send payments to po box or auto-pay (I’m assuming a lot of folks do not have bank accounts)?

Thanks for all the posts, keep them coming - very helpful & informative!