Best Security Camera Set up?

What security camera set up works best in your parks?  We just had some window ac’s stolen at one of our parks in broad day light and need to catch the perps.  They came back the next day and broke in again.  Would like to set one up at any vacant mhome and any time we are doing a rehab on a home.  Don’t want to reinvent the wheel here.  Just follow the pros.Thanks in advance for your insight.Chuck

Chuck, that is why I left Mission, Tx. We have not had homes broke in in 30 years since we check carefully the areas we buy parks in and the ethic mix. There first trip will not be at night they since do their surveillance in the day time to check on possible units for easy thief. Try the cameras used by game hunters to check on wildlife when they are absent from the area and post NO TRASPASSING signs plus have ONLY one entrance! alert neighbors in the area if they would be kind enough to help you.

To prevent from criminal attacks, security systems plays a vital role. Public places and parks can be secured through security systems. In different countries security systems installed in parks for the security of people. Best quality cctv cameras can record best footages. I used tvdit Hikvision cameras.