Best Places website- Actual town vs. the metro area

I have been reviewing market data of parks in the town only. I just realized I should probably be looking at the entire Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) to get a better idea of the market. Am I correct?

@Berlantliu You are correct. That is what Frank suggests.

-Brandon Reynolds

I’ve listened to several of Frank’s webinars and he mentions a website he likes to use to for obtaining the metro statistics. Does anyone know what that is?

One is best, you can view crime, housing stats ect. is also a good resource.

Thank you. Both websites, and are fantastic.

@Louvie is correct. It is


Hi, I realize this is an older post, but it seems like the best places website might have changed? How does one navigate to find the metro area? I don’t see any easy navigational links to find it. The one I do see looks like the following:
Home / United States / Texas / Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metro Area / Brazoria County / Pearland / Zip Codes
where you can just click on the Houston Metro link. Is that what everyrone else is using to navigate or is there another link I don’t see?

That is the way to do it. You can use the search to pull up the city and navigate from there.