Benson International lending Company

Okay, so obviously the reg flags are up everywhere on this one…Just wondered if anyone else has been contacted by (Benson International Financial corp) in South America offering to lend money at 2% (yeah right) with no payments for the 1st two years.??? I’ll post one of the e-mails from them:

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your reply and we are international financial company is located in so many part of the world. But we are writing you now from our company branch in Brazil. We establish our company 16 years ago and we have so many brokers and branches around the world.

We are a legitimate money lender and and also angel investor and we offer short

or long term loan,secure or unsecured loan Business, Personal, Home,Auto, Debt

Consolidation loans with 5.5%.

Our loan minimum is from $USD20,000.00 to the maximum of $USD50 million. The duration periods and the interest rate depends the total amount of money the applicant needed as a loan ans our loan processing is vary fast and easy.

So for us to proceed for the approval of your loan, we want you to tell us the total amount of money needed for this project so that we can proceed with it.

We wait your reply.


Benson Clifford