Batchleads or Other Online Bulk Ownership Search Websites

Has anyone tried Batchlists or other similar online bulk ownership search websites to find mhp owners? One of my VA’s recommended it to find the contact info for owners.

All I have to say is that if you look up my personal phone number, my wife’s phone number, my parents phone number, or my child daughter’s phone number and call, I have lost all respect for you and you are starting on the wrong foot. I have told my family if they ever receive a mobile home park related call to hang up without saying a word. Too many newbies think this is acceptable and it is not. We have a business phone, so please call there. At least that way our receptionist can screen the call, which will never be returned since we get countless “I want to buy your park” calls.

If you want to be successful, network properly and courteously and don’t waste your time on lists.

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I agree with the above post. My daughter in law and ex-wife were bewildered to get calls about buying! What BS! If I wanted to sell I wouldnt be waiting for a cold caller! Wise up.


I purchased my “best” park cold calling the owner directly on his cell phone. He didn’t seem to mind. What you prefer is not necessarily what works for everyone else. I get it if you get calls on a weekly basis, that would be annoying, but hopefully it’s not the same people calling all the time.

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Yes, I do get calls on a weekly basis, and it is very annoying, however I can live with it. I just screen my calls like I would with any other telemarketer. It is a whole new level of unprofessionalism when they call my relatives who are not part of the industry. That is just a low move.

Weekly basis? I get multiple calls daily. It is a big waste of time to answer calls and makes me never answer calls I don’t know as they are 70% park shoppers and 10% spam 10 % wrong numbers.


It’s no big deal. It’s a simple task of lead generation. I cold call owners all the time. (Smile and dial). I’ve made a substantial amount of progress developing relationships and building a massive pipeline. Not all sellers are ready to sell. And that’s okay. It’s all about timing. You never know when a seller will sell. Sometimes the seller doesn’t know when they may want to sell

I always start with I’m a fellow park owner and calling you confidentially to see if you may be interested in selling your park. (It all starts with a conversation). Most are very nice. Some are jerks and fed up. That’s okay too. They don’t want to sell. No biggie. The ones that get upset, I don’t call back. They typically want top, top dollar and I’m happy they saved me time and money.

The ones interested or willing to chat, I squeeze in:

Your park may be worth a lot more than you realize. Can we have a confidential discussion?

They say no, I follow up with, “if I was willing to pay you top dollar, more than you ever thought and no real estate commission, would that be a bad thing? It’s only a conversation. Perhaps they say no. I don’t hear no. I hear… not now and ask if they mind if I circle back and call them in a few months after I sell this large asset that I’m selling

Everyone is different. I promise it works. I’ve found my best deals making calls. Get out of your comfort zone and lead generate everyday Like Nike…. “Just Do It!”

If an owner dislikes cold calls, they let me know and I won’t call back. Sorry! I’m not willing to lose an opportunity “thinking” everyone will be pissed off. They simply aren’t! Again, most are nice (flattered)

Rant Over. (I prefer to call it a game plan)

PS: Anyone reading this in the Northeast considering selling? (I couldn’t help myself)

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