Baseboard heaters - alternatives to central air

Yesterday on the Frank and Dave show I asked Frank about furnaces, and in older homes Frank recommended exploring window heating units as a possible alternative to installing furnaces on rehabs (subject to the house being able to handle the electrical load). When I made this suggestion to my rehabber, he recommended putting baseboard heaters in every room as another alternative to central air.

Has anyone used baseboard heaters before in their rehabs as a substitute for central heating?

Both of these alternatives, window heating units and baseboard heaters, run on electricity rather than gas. Will my tenants be incurring significantly higher utility costs using these types of heating options?

we have used baseboard heaters- and they work well. We use the 110 volt kind, and they do not need to be very big for each room.

I’d only add to stay away from space heaters. They are million dollar fire loss machines. In addition to causing fires, they eat electricity like a politician does tax dollars.