Bank Underwriting Meeting- Open to Sharing MHP Plan?

Hello Group-

We have a meeting with a local bank next week to discuss lending for a park under contract.

Looking for an example MHP business plan/outline that he or she has done for a bank that has resonated well and would be open to sharing?


I would first tell you that its not your job to educate them about mobile home park lending. If they haven’t done it before or your officer has no idea about it -----MOVE ON. Also I have seen local banks want to pull this “we’ll lend you if you have all your money here”. Again MOVE ON.

With that being said it not really a big deal. Just go in their with your information and give it to them. Make sure that the prior financials are in good order and the numbers work. The lending is going to be based primarily on what has happened in the past and the quality of the sellers information. They really don’t care too much about what you are going to do with it. If the sellers information is garbage that’s what they will base it on. Sure they might lend but you would have to basically put a lot of your own money down or have the seller carry a portion of the debt.

Don’t be afraid. You know more than they do and there are LOTS of banks that will lend to you if numbers are good.