Bad tenant

we have a tenant who we gave an evicition letter to who owns his own home in our park. since getting his eviction letter he has refused to pay rent and is in violation of numerous other park rules, and has gotten verbally abusive on the phone. i will no longer communicate with him and have referred everything to our attorney. my question is since all of this has started he has not been back to the park. the home and all of his belongings are still there and a few times a week he comes back to the park, but i think he is living somewhere else. this man is an accomplished dirt bag and will not pick up any of the certified letters from the post office, and will not accept anything from anyone so the constable cannot even serve him. is there any way with the mobile home park rights act that he can be served by posting the notice on his door or in any other fashion where we can get him served? this is the worst tenant that we have ever had and he certainly knows all the ropes to avoid eviction. any help would be greatly appreciated.