Baby Boomers Are Gonna Take It All

The headline in today’s Washington Post: the first of the Baby Boomer generation just filed for social security. According to the article, benefits paid out will exceed incoming revenue in 2017, and the program will become insolvent a couple of decades later- around the time I would qualify to start receiving benefits.

Guess I better go create some more notes to support my personal social security program…


While your at it, see if you can’t create housing for wage earners who can contribute to the system, then hire folks to run the properties, make the repairs, cut the grass, paint the homes, pave the streets, run the electric, plumb the home, add tv and telephone etc.

Maybe we can house enough for both of us to collect some social security just to say we did!

See you in Troy?


Isn’t this a good reason to be owning communities? After all, people who have little money still need to live somewhere and a mobile home is, as far as I can tell, the least expensive home you can actually own in America. Combine the demographics of an aging country with the low US savings rate and mobile home communities seem to be positioned to take advantage of both these trends. That is why I bought my place and am looking for a couple more. I sure hope I’m right!


The original ponzi scheme…