Automated lead scheduling

Hi MHUers,

I thought I would share with the community something that’s been working well for us. We have been using this lead scheduling software called TenantTurner for about a year, and its been a huge time saver, hugely reducing the amount of work you or your manager will do in lead acquisition, communication, and scheduling. The software puts your mobile home ads on about 20 different website by just clicking one button. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do craigslist or facebook marketplace.

It will collect the leads information and pre-screen them, then the lead chooses a date on an online calendar to schedule a viewing. This calendar syncs with your manager’s schedule, and can integrate with google calendar if you wish. Before the viewing, the software sends reminder emails and indicates who has confirmed their viewing. After the viewing, the software automatically send a link to apply online. If the unit has people living in it during the showing, the software can send automated 24 hour to notice messages before each showing.

They also have a widget which you can put on your mobile home park website, which automatically updates the mobile homes you are listing for sale or rent on your website, and any changes to their description. Any leads from Craigslist or Facebook marketplace, we direct to the MHP website, and they can schedule a viewing directly from the website. On facebook messenger, we use automated replies (you have to post on facebook marketplace as a business/page to use automated messaging).

It has cut down communication with leads by 90%, and yielded excellent volume of leads and results. $50/mo to save that much time and headache for us is a no brainer. You can also turn your manager into a ‘greeter’ using this software, by relieving them of much of the headache of their work. It does integrate into rent manager, but costs more, and we find its not necessary.



Aaron, first of all thank you so much for taking the time to share this. It’s very helpful. We’ve been looking for ways to reduce the amount of time we spend responding to inquiries.

Is there any way to use TenantTurner to prequalify leads before we show the homes? About 95% of the inquiries we get are not qualified. We spent most of our time identifying the 5% by asking for their credit scores, pets, # of occupants, income, bankruptcies or evictions, etc. We put in our ads what we’re looking for (such as “One cat or dog is allowed, up to 20 pounds”) but most inquiries don’t read the full ad and they inquire anyway.

There’s a part of the prescreening where it lists the restrictions, like pets. But some people don’t read that section and schedule a viewing anyway. So then you just have to catch it when they apply.

How well does this work for those of us who are selling homes instead of renting them?

I’ve only used it to sell homes

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