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Before the format change over the seemed to be a lot more audio/video clips accessible on the site. Interviews, informational etc. Brandon is great about providing a link if you ask for something but I’m wondering if there’s a plan to create a larger accessible archive, at least for BC alumni. I’d love a folder with pretty much everything ever done. I drive a lot so I’ve already gone through all the F&D call in shows but from time to time I’ll remember one and want to check it out again. For instance, I just had Brandon get me a link for the “Lot about a lot” video. If limiting archive material was a conscious decision then so be it but there is such an incredible wealth of material seems like a shame to limit it unless there’s good reason.

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I totally agree with @GeorgeNiko

@brandon_reynolds do you plan to create somethink like @GeorgeNiko said?

The reason it looks thinner is that we divided up articles, audios, and videos. They now each have there own section. We also had a couple interviews that needed to be taken down for various reasons. Some of the videos you amy have received after the Boot Camp are part of the Investor’s Club and are only available to access for members of the club. Such as the Lot video mentioned above. Let me know if you are missing something specific and I will do my best to get it posted.

-Brandon Reynolds

Can you explain the “Investor’s Club?” This is the first time I have heard of this.

@BruceM This isn’t something we promote publicly and is only available to our boot camp and home study course customers. Please email direct at or call me at 855-879-2738 for more information on it.

Brandon Reynolds