Asheville BC - Need Room?

I hope I’m not stepping on any toes by posting this here . . .

I’m attending the Land/Home Bootcamp in Asheville, NC this coming week. I currently have a room reserved for Thursday pm, Aug 2 through Monday am, Aug 7. I had a partner to split the room, but they are now unable to come. I have made other arrangements for Thursday night and Sunday night, so I really only need a room for Friday and Saturday nights. The hotel is probably booked at this point, so I have a couple of offers:

If anyone has a room available to share on those nights (Fri/Sat) I would be interested. I’ll cancel my own reservation or offer it to anyone here who couldn’t get one.

If anyone NEEDS a room for those nights (any of the above) I’ll offer you my reservation and split Friday and Saturday nights with you.

Anyone interested should give me a call ASAP.




The same “ban” on others activities is not enforced or encouraged on this forum. Steve and Corey are only interested in helping others further their education, not in preventing them from learning from others who have other insights into the business. In fact, Steve is attending the Asheville bootcamp, if that is any indication of the frame of mind of the founders of MHU.

I look forward to seeing you and many of my current and future friends in Asheville. Although we are not attendees because of recent knee surgery that Jim had, we will be around to network and socialize during the evening-into-nighttime events and would not miss Lin’s barbeque!

We have never spent any time in Asheville, but everyone tells me that there is a tremendous amount of energy that results. We all need to be revitalized from time-to-time and this is the perfect opportunity.