Arizona Market

I am looking for a park in Arizona, and have looked at a few deals. I have noticed that a lot have come on the market in Tuscon.  I was curious if anyone had any insight on the market, or why I am seeing so many up for sale in Tuscon. Any insight would be great.

I looked at loopnet and mobilehomeparkstore earlier today and saw a number of MHPs for sale just as you say. I didn’t see any particular commonality and I don’t know of any major changes happening in AZ. My brother-in-law and his wife live a little NW of Phoenix so I often hear important stuff. However, some of the towns are loaded with MHPs. Look at Apache Junction and Casa Grande on a map application and you’ll see lots of them. If you hear or see something happening please update this thread, or start a new thread. I also have been studying that state, AZ, with the thought that buying a park, or multiple parks, there would be advantageous since my wife and I live in CA and I’m fixing to retire early next year. I will not be ready to buy, I don’t believe, until I do the Bootcamp in January. Again, please keep this forum updated, thanks.

Jim Allen

Please I am really trying to be CAREFULL but we have had 3 families from that area in the past month wanting to relocate for language reasons.