Aren't You Glad You Are in Real Estate?

With the roller coaster rides with stocks - it is great not having to worry about such things. People at all levels need housing and MHPs fill a basic need.

Dale, you are right. Unlike in other areas of the economy, the demand for our services seems to rise on a daily basis; more people are created, more people

I also agree. What our Fed tried to do is put everyone into equities , but screw them. I sold every stock I had a month ago and bought some more rentals at a 10-11 cap. Let’s see do I want treasuries that pay me 2% or a property that ends up at around 15%. Gosh …tough choice.

Bernard , it appears that you think we are in for inflation. I don’t know if you should totally bank on that happening …at least for the next few years. These XXXing buffoons might actually orchestrate some kind of “super stagflation.” Things like food and energy will go through the roof , while assets could deflate. The money being printed has to reach the population for inflation to be substancial. So far it just goes to a few thieves that are still losing thier balls with foreclosures. Cash might be king or an ounce of gold coukd be higher than the Dow. We have never had a whole government that is cueless before. Nothing would surprise me. I had tons of money in SLV but dumped it all as I no longer believe they have the physical silver to back it up. I hope evertyone has a little gold and silver , but IMO it should be the real thing and not etfs or stocks that are manipulated by animals.

In any event , I’m going down swinging by buying apartments and MHP’s that are 10+ caps that appear to have good demographics. As far as I’m concerned , they are no brainers. Did I mention that you can get 10 year loans at around 6.25% ? Someone on the “other board” …probably Frank said apartments are NG becuase someone will build one right next to you. Hmmm…let’s see. We have most of the population that wil need cheap housing… My place cost me $45 PSF. The new one going up next to me will cost about $110 PSF.

Bottom line is if we are wrong , we would probably have gone broke anyway.