Are you seeing 39% yields on your Lonnie Deals?

Currently I have a 185 space park under contract in Oklahoma. My business partner and I are purchasing this park at approx. 20% occupancy and will be bringing in homes to fill those empty spaces. This park has been poorly owned and managed for years which lead to its low occupancy. Due to the fact that it is the only park in town with solid demographics and employment we are confident that the owner finance model with thrive here.

We will be using our funds to purchase, rehab and set-up homes in our park. Once these homes are sold we will be selling these notes to investors.

Here’s an example of a typical deal in our park:

Cost of home/move & set-up/rehab - $10,000

Sold to Homeowner for $20,000

  - $2,000 down payment

  - 12.75%

  - $300 a month

  - 96 months

Mobile home note sold to the investor for $8,000 creating a 43% yield.

We are not looking to make any profit from the “Lonnie Deals”. However, we will have to charge a 10% of collected payment fee for management and service of the notes. Even with the management fee, these notes will still create 39% yields.

If you are located in an area where it is difficult to do “Lonnie deals” and see this type of return, please contact us. Hopefully, we’ll be able to create a win, win, win situation for all of us.

We are planning on hitting the ground running and will have our first note soon. Contact us if you have an interest.

Thank you!


Actually, you are selling your math short. The annual rate of return is 38%-39%, the yield is much higher.

Just making a point, that should not be viewed as a reccomendation to enter/not enter into this deal - you need to do due dilligence on liklihood of collecting payments, costs of repo, etc.

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Thank you for pointing that out. You’re correct the rate of return is 38%-39% annually not the yield.

As an investor we strongly encourage verifying all information to ensure the security of your capital through due dilligence. We do it with our purchases and would expect any investors interested in our projects to do it as well.

Our intentions for this post was to seek any interest in any persons wanting to purchase a performing “Lonnie-deal”. We will work with any interested parties to create positive, long-lasting investor relationship and good returns for all involved.

Thank you for your help.