Are they looking to flip this MHP?

I understand this is a site for MHP investors and owners but I thought who better to ask this question.

My husband and I have lived in a MHP for 15 years, and because of our busy lifestyle and the type of business we are in it has worked perfect for us. The park is in the country and our location in the park affords us allot of privacy. I wanted the best of both worlds, convenience and luxury, so we have invested quite a bit of money into our home and the landscaping. To give you an idea, we have a very large lot with underground sprinklers, pondless waterfall, heated greenhouse for all my tropical plants…etc etc

3 years ago the owners of the park where given an offer for the park and they sold. New owners are first time buyers

of a MHP. I thought everything would be alright since we never had a problem in all the years we lived here. My husband has a background in waste water and wells and since we own our own business and are flexible, the previous manager/ maintenance man relied on my husband if an emergency came up while he was not here or help if he needed a second hand or simply advice

The new owners sent out a new lease along with 5 pages of new rules. Naturally we did not appreciate

all the new rules but thought we could live with them because most did not effect us.

The maintenance man passed away shortly after they purchased the park, after a year his wife

quit and then they started going

through managers. They now have a maintenance man but no on site management.

The maintenance man drives around all day looking for violations.

While they have allot of rules, there are allot of unwritten rules you only

learn about after you discover you violated the rule.

We have received so many violation letters in the mail we have decided the next one is going to our lawyer

and he can respond(state law requires 60 day written notice for rule changes).

Okay here is the part where I need some insight.

They overpaid for the park( this not just hearsay but from of the previous owners and why they sold)

Since purchasing the park, they have had to put in a new sewer plant.

Because of their constant harassment, allot of people have put their homes up for sale, many just abandoning the older homes because the new owners refuse to approve new tenants for a lease.

I was informed by new owners when I expressed my concerns to them about their maintenance man standing outside

our 6" privacy fence jumping up and down looking over our fence, that we could move our trailer out if we where not happy living here, but if we sold they would first have to approve the buyer for a lease if they wanted to keep the trailer here, which is understandable but she went on to add that they had already turned down most people that have applied for a lease.

We thought okay they want to upgrade the park to newer homes only or a retirement community, but then a few weeks ago they started buying a bunch of really run down old trailers and setting them up in the park. The crazy part is they are putting these trailers over in the nice side of the park where all newer double-wides are. The people that live here are livid.

All their homes sunk in value overnight.

They parked a particularly bad one right across from us in a common area, the whole back end of it is about to fall off.

So any thoughts on the motives of these people ?

If they are simply trying to turn this park…we want to stay but if it looks like they are in this for the long haul

we can’t live like this and are going to have to move.