Anyone used ABT Water Management?

I have been using YES/Yardi for several years and been pretty satisfied. However, they moved all their back office operations to India and the service is a disaster. I need to get rid of them and find another billing company.

Has anyone used ABT Water Management?

What about other billing companies. Have any of you used another company with whom you were happy?



Please consider our company, Southern Water Management (SWM). We have been providing water sub metering and utility cost allocation services to multi-tenant properties since 1995. We provide smart sub-metering equipment (AMR meters and data collection), Utility Analysis and Auditing, Meter Reading, Billing and Collection (know as R/B/C) Services.

We primarily provide the means to bill tenants monthly for their individual utilities; charging a monthly billing fee, that is paid by the tenant. Secondary, we drastically reduce utility consumption; And provide additional revenue to the owner. We can provide our services to any were in the US and currently have locations in Florida, North Carolina, and in Ohio and Illinois (d/b/a Mid West Water Management). Our fees are very competitive.

We’re here to answer your water sub-metering questions. Call me personally at anytime, we’re bi-lingual, but not Hindi.

Dan Helton
Southern Water Management
727-827-4509, cell # 727-421-9695

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