Anyone use Water Service Company for submetering?

Seems to be a pretty good deal. They install the meters for free, material and labor. You have to agree to let them do the billing, they charge the tenant a $7 fee added to your bill.

Going this route would save me about $10,000 plus in upfront costs for material and labor to install meters.

Anyone use them and have feedback?


Can you please share the company name? We may be interested in this arrangement.

That is the name, sorry if it was confusing. They’re out of Canton, OH.

So far, I’m pretty tempted to write them off. I’ve been trying for weeks just to get a phone call returned. I’m not at all impressed, I’ll update if and when they get off their arse and return a call.

The owner is terribly, badly unorganized and unprofessional. Unless he calls me and knocks my socks off, I’ll pay someone and avoid him.

There is a great company out of New York named Ashokan Water Services located at 150 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 499-4008

I am not sure what is the geographical limit of their services, but it is worth a phone call

Well he finally emailed the stuff. I know his billing service fee is high at $7.35 per meter read but the upfront savings to me is substantial. I’m getting quotes from $7,000 to $14,000 to Install 70 meters, that’s meters and labor.

We had the same problem getting response from WSC in Ohio. If they can’t even get you a bid in a timely manner or return phone calls just think what will happen when you need service and repairs. We ended up installing our own meters and doing the billing using the utility module on Rent Manager. Approx cost around $200 per meter installed.

Which meters did you use?

How much was the meter and how much the installation

If you would like, also see my posting under water and waste water sub metering;
Southern Water Management, Inc a/k/a Midwest Water Management, has been doing sub-metering for over 15 years, we do a complete turnkey service from installation to reading , billing, and collections. Also we provide metering equipment and a le carte service, for instance using our web based billing services.

Either way typical Radio frequency meters run about $100, reading billing and collection services run from $3 to $5, water savings are 15% to 35%, ROI is less the 12 months.
Contact me anytime to discuss

Do you know of a metering company in the akron/canton area? Are you in this area? Looking to purchase a park and need some friendly advice.

Give this a try

I think you will be impressed

Gabriel Elendu
ABT Water Management
800.697.9096 ext 14