Anyone Saving Money With Utility Management Services?

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Even if you don’t use us for your water conservation project or utility billing, do yourself a favor as a community owner and find out the best way to submeter your community.

Not only do you benefit from saving water and holding tenants accountable, but you add value to your park, and create another stream of revenue to maintain or offset other expenses.

Not to mention you’re putting yourself in a position to prevent major issues before they happen, thus preserving your infrastructure for the long run.

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When most businesses look at embedding a new technology to their operations, their first thought is usually “How much is this going to cost me?” In the case of utility management services, perhaps the more pertinent question is, “How much can this technology save me?” Using modern technology to manage your utilities, such as water, can save you money in a lot of different ways. It can save you so much money in fact, that you might find yourself wishing you had contacted somebody and embraced this technology sooner.


If you own a building with multiple tenants and you don’t have a utility management service, you probably split the bill evenly among tenants. But how accurate and fair is this, exactly? One tenant could use 10 times more water than the other, and still pay the same amount per month. This sort of arrangement could cause you to lose some frustrated tenants, saddling you with the cost of attracting new ones, or running a vacant unit for a while. A management service allows you to directly and frequently monitor usage in each unit.


When managing a large building or campus, it’s hard to keep track of utility usage without submetering or using utility management services. Through these services, you can track usage by area or even by process, which lets you know which of your processes use the most resources. This is extremely helpful when computing exact manufacturing cost per piece in an effort to streamline operations.


With utility management services, you can get usage reports 24/7, which allows you to notice a spike in water usage immediately in the area in which a leak is located, raising a red flag and telling you to look for a problem. This information leads to immediate repair, which in turn reduces waste and saves you money. These emergencies alone could save you enough money, even just one time, to financially justify getting such a system in place.

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