Anyone Purchased A Home From 21st or Vandy Lately

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I’ve got an abandoned and trashed 1999 3/2 16x80 in our MHP. The home is structurally sound (roof/floors in place) but a number of the interior walls have been punched, a faucet is missing, a toilet is cracked, the tubs are unbelievably stained, the front door is kicked-in, it is full of trash, etc. We’ve all seen homes like this.

This home is owned by 21st Mortgage. I figure it’ll cost me $5,000 to make it right (hardwood floors in common area, carpets elsewhere, paint every square inch, new door, a few new windows, etc.)

How much should I offer 21st for this piece of junk?

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Coincidently, I bought two homes today

Hey Jefferson,

I just purchased a 1991 14 x 70 in my park from 21st for $1000. They were originally asking $10k, but after the field rep visited the site and saw that it was gutted by my previous tenant, they were ready to talk. The key to getting a deal from these guys is to deal directly with the field reps. The “Remarketing team” at corporate will not give you the best deal. They will only string you along until a better deal comes along.

Be sure to send in photos with you bids if you get their email to justify your price. Good Luck,


Thanks for the info, guys. I’ve been looking at a few repos lately and wondered how much the lending companies were willing to negotiate.

Anyone have experience w/ Green Tree?Jefferson wrote:

In my area Green Tree is still dumping homes at near wholesale prices. Picked up a 1994 14 x 70 2/2 in very good condition for $2500. I was willing to pay up to $5000 on it. $150 in back taxes, $177.00 in repairs. Sold for $14,900 with $1k down, 250/mo.



wow, excellent deal. I didn’t realize they would come down that much. I plan to approach them about buying multiple homes so hopefully I could get something that will work.


whats the website address to Green tree?

J, no website as far as I know.

I had to contact them by phone and request the repo rep in my area email you their repo list. Then I had to jump through some hoops and demonstrate I was a licensed retailer in the state. After that, I finally got their list.



I’ve been looking at a GT repo that they are asking $10.5k. In addition there are $2-3k in back taxes owed. I plan to take pics of repairs needed and send them in w/ my offer. Any other ideas on how I might be able to get GT down to a price that will work? I really need to get it well under $5k to make sense for me to buy.


The asking price and the price they’ll accept can be a mile apart. Why don’t you make your offer and see what happens. They already have their own pictures and are very aware of the condition of the home. They might be happy to take your $5k, especially if there are back taxes owed.

Is the home in a park? Can you get the park management to dial up the pressure on the bank for lot rent? If GT feels heat from the park for leaving their home sitting their unsold, they might be more anxious to cut a deal with you.

Karl Kleiner