Anyone dealt with Birch Realty?

Finally got my downleg under contract and now I am REALLY looking hard for a good park. I have been looking at the listings posted by Birch Realty. They have quite a few places for sale in the midwest and some of them look worth pursuing.

Has anyone done business with these people? If you have, what was your experience like?

BTW: I am planning to be at the Washington event in October. If you have a park to sell priced under $800K, let’s talk.



I’m working on a 20 pad lot rent only park in western NC that might be of interest to you and that I’m planning on wholesaling between now and January at the MOM. Current stats: there are 10 older park owned homes which will be sold on Lonnie notes over the next 2 months or so to generate passive lot rent of 140/month per unit. There are 10 vacant pads with water and sewer taps are already installed, need homes and electric hookup to finish. I have a off site manager that will be able to handle most of the coordination of the setup of the remaining homes, once the project is complete the gross income will be around 33600 and the total expenses will run about taxes 800ish/yr, 20-40 for electric for the safety lights, and 100 for the dumpster if you choose to keep it. will be some Misc but the current owner has no records for anything money related.

The NOI is going to be around 13800 once the 10 homes are sold off and still have the upside of the 10 empty pads. The asking price is going to be around 110k depending on how much it cost me to finish the initial portion of the project and there is good potential that I can arrange a fairly large amount of paper to be carried at <prime as well. The cost to complete the park will range from 25k (have 10 additional older homes that come with the park if the buyer wants them) to 70k if you decide to use newer model homes and hold the notes.

If you are interested shoot me and email or give me a call (828) 334-5879

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler